What's Inside 'How to Be Gay and Happy'

Chapter 3: Myths About Being LGBTQ

So many harmful myths abound and some of these are believed by LGBTQ people themselves.

Unchallenged stereotypes and myths can be weapons of discrimination and oppression, keeping you from enjoying the real happiness you deserve.
Only by challenging untruths and knowing the facts, can you be happy.

In this chapter, you will find the important liberating facts to challenge and debunk the greatest myths about being LGBTQ.

Chapter 4: The Powerful Voice of Religion

Your ability to be gay AND happy is influenced by society’s religious attitudes.

As a gay person, you do not need to be a religious scholar or theological expert. However, it is helpful to have a thoughtful response if the issue comes up, a response that is truthful to who you are.

This chapter helps you understand what the major religions really have to say on the matter of same-sex relations. You will learn how to answer religious bigotry and discover how to nurture your unique inner or spiritual self.

Chapter 7: Assertive Living

You are a person of worth, and you have the right to express your needs, desires, and feelings.

You have the right to assert yourself and to live your life. There is very little risk in being assertive, but there are great rewards. That's why this chapter is devoted to helping you develop your skills as an assertive, happier LGBTQ person.

Put aside your fears, learn new strategies — embrace your self-worth, and forge ahead!

Chapter 8: On the Road to Happiness

If your goal is to be happy, then how will you know when you have achieved it?
What specific steps do you need to take to make happiness your reality?

In this chapter we look closely at those two important questions and discover what it really takes to be happy. Learn fresh, new, research-backed strategies you can use — concrete steps you can take to increase your levels of happiness.

Find out exactly what to do to bring much more real happiness into your life!

Chapter 11: Gay Sex

Regardless of your upbringing, adult, consensual sex is natural, healthy, and pleasurable.

This chapter helps you appreciate and cultivate sexual relationships, which can be an important link to a happy life. You'll explore the whole range of LGB sex practices — with no holds barred — PLUS cruising techniques, 'cottaging', Internet and phone sex, pornography, sexual addiction and much more.

Plus, you'll discover what to do if the sex you are having is unsatisfying, or if you are not as sexually active as you would like.

Chapter 12: Gay Health

Good health is key to a long, happy life.

As a LGBTQ person, there are some special considerations you need to be aware of in order to avoid complications and keep yourself safe and in the peak of condition — just the way you deserve to be!

In this chapter, you'll learn all you need to know about gay health, and discover that with a little effort and self-care, good health can be your ally for years to come, placing you in the very best state to maintain and continue to welcome happiness into your life.