About The Author

A Personal Journey

From Despair To Joy

It wasn’t always an easy ride.

Having grown up in an environment that was both homophobic and heterosexist, Peter was left battling his demons and feeling anything but ‘gay and happy’.

As a young gay man, he found himself completely lost, homeless, alcoholic and drug addicted, sleeping in shop doorways and under bridges. Today he is a leader in his field – a respected psychotherapist, educator and author who has helped thousands of people to find their own path. His journey from despair to robust self-esteem was long and hard fought.

Peter Says...

“If I had known then what I know now, the journey back home to myself would have been so much easier – and so much shorter. It’s because of this, and because there just isn’t this kind of book out there, that I wrote How to Be Gay and Happy.”

Peter Field’s many years experience and study in the area of sexuality and sexual orientation, together with front-line research into happiness, and his skills as a counsellor, psychotherapist and writer are all drawn together to create this inspiring, life-enhancing book written specifically for anyone who is LGBTQ – or who cares about someone who is.